Express Cashback

Express Cashback works to make sure even if you are not lucky, you still win! If you select the “Express Cashback” checkbox on your bet slip, a percentage of your lost multi-bet is returned to you.

Your bet must have at least 3 events each with odds of 1.5 or higher.

percentage of cashback is determined by the number of events in your multi-bet.

Number of Events Cashback Percentage
3-4 5%
5-6 10%
7-8 15%
9-10 20%
11-19 25%
20 50%

For example, you place a 10€ multi bet on 5 different events with total odds of 18.6.

1st event (W1) -1.6

2nd event (W2) -1.7

3rd event Total (O(2.5)) - 1.8

4th event (W2) - 1.9

5th event (W1) - 2

In case you lose the bet 10% of the bet amount (which in this example equals 1€) will be instantly refunded.

Cannonbet has a right at his sole discretion to cancel the Cash Back bonus available for multi bets temporarily or without time-limit.

In the case of refunded bets, where the event is calculated at an odd of 1, the bonus will be calculated on the events that were completed.